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Meet The Team

Katrina - Profile Pic2.jpg

Katrina Hirtz

She has always had a love for music and was dancing before she was walking. After a 17 year dance career, an injury ended it all. Blessed with opportunities to travel with some amazing bands she found her passion in wanting to help others open doors to their success. After a few years of working with artists she wanted to go a step further. She attended Berklee College of Music and received her Artist Management Certificate. Creating Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment is a dream come true for her.

Rachel - Profile Pic.jpg

Rachel Bezaire

As a child Rachel had a flair for the dramatic so it wasn't a surprise to those who knew her that she attended University to study acting. Relocating to Toronto has given her many opportunities to work side by side with amazing talent from TV, Film and Music. Since then she has worked for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment as well as in the Entertainment Law field.  With her strong analytical and strategic planning skills, as well as her past experiences, building Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment was a perfect fit.


We are a boutique PR and management company that connects our clients with people who help shine a light on their talents. We thrive on making each client feel as if they are a part of the family. Welcome to Kick Up Your Heels!

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