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Roger Ortega

Roger Ortega

Roger Ortega is a Spotify verified R&B/Pop recording artist. His record sales, performances and song writing credits opened the door for him to be a registered voting member of The National Recording Academy. As a recently accepted member, amongst other things, he can officially vote for The Grammys and was invited to and attended the 2018 Grammys in New York City as well as the 2019 and 2020 Grammys in LA.

His debut album 'RnBPoPWrytr' was released in April 2012 under Mena Keys Records and reached number #62 on the iTunes R&B/Soul charts. His sophomore follow up 'The Lottery', done independently, shot all the way up to #8 on those same charts during first day sales. Roger has also released two holiday songs, singles and numerous music videos, one of which he directed, produced & edited himself. He has garnered terrestrial radio play and several of his songs have been put into rotation on the Pandora music site.

From March 3rd-10th of 2019, RO lead the charge on The RO/Experi3nce Cruise. He headlined this fan based cruise on the Norwegian Cruise ship the 'Escape' with support from Dj Jroc based out of NYC. Leaving from New York to Florida and two stops in the Bahamas became one of the highlights of his career. Roger had been invited back to host another cruise with Norwegian in October 2020, but unfortunately Covid put an end to that, so he was able to do it again May 2023.

Roger released his single Better Than Coffee during quarantine, which was produced by Canadian producers 80 Empire. Now that the borders are re-opened he will be heading to Canada to work with these guys again.

Quietly during the Pandemic, Roger began working on music that in turn, turned out to be his album “MID WEST CHARM”. That album came out in October 2022. His first single off the album was released last July “Back to Kansas” which was his story of his move back to Kansas after 23 years in NYC. Since then, he has released NEW YORK VIBE , YOU WAKE ME FROM NIGHTMARES and BAILA TODA LA NOCHE.

As a child, Roger started to realize his dream of singing/songwriting, when he started a pop group at the age of 14. Making their debut at The Topeka Fiesta Mexicana the group eventually changed members and established a following of their own. This group took Roger from the midwest city of Topeka, KS to the bright lights of New York City. He's performed with acts from Aaron Carter to O-Town and Color Me Badd to Jay-Z all while steadily building his fan base. He's recently performed in Miami, FL, Newark, NJ, New York, NY, Las Cruces, NM, Novi, MI, Topeka, KS and with international start DJ Pauley D in St. Charles, IL in Sept.

RO signed with Mena Keys Records as an artist/songwriter/producer in 2011. After the 2012 release of 'RnBPoPWrytr' he began working on his second album in 2013. Unfortunately, after the passing of Mena Keys CEO George Mena, the label folded thus putting a halt on the project. However with a fresh batch of producers wanting to be a part of RO's success he was able to pick up where he left off. Not only working with producers he felt could field his vision, 'The Lottery' was mixed and mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Mikaelin 'Blue' Bluespruce of Lounge Studios, NYC. "Blue" lent his talents to Akon, Solange Knowles, Prince Royce, Ghostface Killah & Ruben Studdard to name a few.

Sold out shows on the east coast and in the Midwest have kept RO busy with plans to stay that way.


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Roger Ortega
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