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SJ Hazim

SJ Hazim

SJ Hazim is a consultant and creativity practitioner of the urban arts, facilitating community conversations and trauma-based healing through his program Authentic Expressions LLC. 

Being grounded in peace, love, unity, and having fun, his emphasis is using the spoken word and Hip Hop as a vehicle for creativity, self-direction, and empowerment, as well as custom songs and jingles. SJ is The creator of Authentic Expressions and was crowned Topeka’s social media influencer of the year by the Greater Topeka Partnership.

His latest endeavor is creating a compilation song commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Brown Vs Board of Education, to release to the world March 16th 2024, with a video dropping May 17th 2024.

Partnering with Kick up your heels entertainment he believes can help spread his message to the world in a more effective manor. 

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SJ Hazim
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