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"Katrina and Rachel at KickUpYourHeels Entertainment are a top tier, elite, boutique PR Agency. Their passion and dedication to their clients is unwavering and they are working relentlessly to cement themselves as one of the premier boutique firms in North America and internationally. They have played and continue to play a pivotal role in the promotion of our various musical and entertainment ventures. They would truly be an asset to any brand or artist/group."

80 Empire

As an independent artist I'm blessed to have such tremendous support from such incredibly driven women in the music industry.  I've been working with Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment for the better part of 9 years and although it's always business they treat you like family.  They put the work ahead of themselves and present every opportunity for the artist to become better and expand their business.  I've worked with other management in the past but Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment doesn't just talk the talk.  They are accountable and hold you accountable as well.  I'm thankful that our paths crossed.

Roger Ortega

Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment is an amazing networking service. Where they not only treat you like clients, they treat you like family! I’ve enjoyed working with both Katrina & Rachel for the past few years. Amazing women! Amazing company! Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment, is where it is.

Little "Pie" McElveen

Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment has exceeded my expectations! The ladies at Kick Up Your Heels took a great interest in the success of my business and have gone above and beyond to secure magazine features, podcast interviews, television appearances and many other opportunities for its exposure. A good PR company gets you press, but a great PR company teaches you how to handle it, and guides you through the process to get the best results. 

Their innate ability to manage any challenge, and the personal interest they take with all of their clients, goes above and beyond public relations. They are there for us 24/7. They are like family. This extra effort translates into exceptional results. I regard Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment as the best of the best in the business and highly recommend these talented ladies to achieve success for any project and or artist!

Kat Ostroumova

We love Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment!

Katrina and Rachel recognize the hidden gifts in you and bring them alive! Their amazing network of artists and creatives provide countless opportunities for others while their infectious energy and dedication elevates each event creating moments that last a lifetime. We are so blessed to be a part of the Kick Up Your Heels family.

Billy Davis & Nikki Kimbrough "The Amputee and His Girl"

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